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Keekaroo High Chair Tray

This high chair tray is perfect for infants between 6 months and 250 lbs! It is made of durable plastic and has a comfortable design, making it perfect for early learning. The high chair tray also includes a keekaroo logo, so that kids can feel special while having their infancy around their $6. 99 keekaroo infant height right high chair tray combo 6 months to 250 lb you pic.

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair

Hi there! Keekaroo height right high chair is perfect for highchairs and dinner sets! This chair has a high back and natural fabric back design that makes it perfect for highchairs and dinner sets. It comes with a high back, which makes it perfect for highchairs and dinner sets. The natural fabric back also makes it soft and comfortable for highchairs and dinner sets.

Keekaroo High Chair Infant Insert

This high chair is a great option for those with young children. It is adjustable to fit different heights, and has a tray to store food. The keekaroo name is also associated with this high chair, making it easy to find. It is also easy to set up, and requires little effort. It is easy to adjust to fit each individual space, and has a low center of gravity for stable sitting. With an outdoor seat and a built-in tray, this high chair is perfect for small kitchens or dining rooms. The keekaroo fabric is a comfortable, high-quality fabric that is easy to clean. this keekaroo wooden high chair has a stylish wooden coat hanger that goes well with the top. The chair is also made with a comfortable armrest and a easy-to-travel with its option for an extra chair. The tray is containing food and toys for children to eat and play with. this high chair has an adjustable height feature which makes it perfect for right high children. The tray makes it easy to clean and the high back is system makes it comfortable for young children.